Works by Anderson and Tippett shortlisted for 2016 RPS Music Awards

1. April 2016 RPS_Awards_BBC_logo1

We are plea­sed to announce that two Schott works have been nomi­na­ted for 2016 Royal Phil­har­mo­nic Society Awards.

Julian Anderson’s Van Gogh Blue for ensem­ble has been short­lis­ted in the Cham­ber-scale Com­po­si­tion cate­gory, and Sir Michael Tippett’s fourth opera The Ice Break is short­lis­ted in both the Opera & Music Thea­tre and Audi­en­ces & Enga­ge­ment cate­go­ries for the recent pro­duc­tion by Bir­ming­ham Opera Com­pany.

The Royal Phil­har­mo­nic Society has been at the heart of music for over 200 years and is dedi­ca­ted to crea­ting a future for music. Set up in 1989, the RPS inde­pen­dent awards cele­brate the out­stan­ding musi­cal achie­ve­ments of both young and esta­blis­hed musi­ci­ans. RPS Music Award win­ners will be announ­ced at an award cere­mony in Lon­don on 10 May 2016.



Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (1934–2016)

14. März 2016 Peter Maxwell Davies CBE - britischer Komponist. - Master of Queens Musick - fotografiert auf der Insel Sanday - Orkney

Foto: Martin Lengemann

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Musik­ge­schichte nicht nur in Groß­bri­tan­nien, son­dern welt­weit hat Sir Peter Max­well Davies durch sein umfang­rei­ches und viel­fäl­ti­ges Schaf­fen geprägt. Über 60 Jahre lang war er mit dem Ver­lag Schott ver­bun­den: von der Sonata in D for Trum­pet and Piano (1955) bis zu sei­ner jüngs­ten Kin­der­oper The Hog­boon, die im Juni 2016 im Lon­do­ner Bar­bi­can durch das Lon­don Sym­phony Orches­tra unter Lei­tung von Sir Simon Rattle urauf­ge­führt wird.

„Sir Peter Max­well Davies (1934–2016)“ wei­ter­le­sen

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies awarded Royal Philharmonic Society Gold Medal

19. Februar 2016 Peter Maxwell Davies CBE - britischer Komponist. - Master of Queens Musick - fotografiert auf der Insel Sanday - Orkney

Foto: Martin Lengemann

Uhlandstraße 41, 13158 Berlin Tel 01717474588

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Schott is deligh­ted to announce that Sir Peter Max­well Davies has been awar­ded one of clas­si­cal music’s hig­hest hono­urs, the Royal Phil­har­mo­nic Society Gold Medal. He beco­mes the 102nd reci­pi­ent since the medal was foun­ded in 1870 in cele­bra­tion of the cen­tenary of the birth of Beet­ho­ven. The medal was pre­sen­ted to him at his home on Orkney by RPS Coun­cil Mem­ber and for­mer Schott direc­tor, Sally Gro­ves MBE.

In awar­ding the medal, the Society said: “It is the bril­li­ance of his wri­ting, the sea­ring power of his ima­gi­na­tion, the vivid thea­tri­ca­lity and the qua­lity of crafts­manship that engage us with the music of Peter Max­well Davies. He has rede­fi­ned what it means to be a com­po­ser and inspi­red new gene­ra­ti­ons of musi­ci­ans. We applaud him for his gene­ro­sity of spi­rit and are proud to pre­sent him with the Royal Phil­har­mo­nic Society Gold Medal.”

Peter Max­well Davies com­men­ted: “I am abso­lu­tely deligh­ted and couldn’t be more hono­u­red to receive the RPS Gold Medal. That’s the one I wan­ted!”


Max­well Davies’ new opera The Hog­boon, com­mis­sio­ned by the Lon­don Sym­phony Orches­tra, will receive its pre­mie­red on 26 June 2016 by the com­bi­ned forces of the LSO Dis­co­very children’s choirs, Lon­don Sym­phony Cho­rus, and stu­dents from Guild­hall School, along­s­ide mem­bers of the LSO under Sir Simon Rattle.

2015 British Composer Awards Shortlist Announced

29. Oktober 2015 British_Composer_Awards_2016_logo2
Schott is proud to announce that John Casken’s Apollinaire’s Bird and Ryan Wigglesworth’s Étu­des-Tableaux have been short­lis­ted along with two works by Julian Ander­son for the 2015 Bri­tish Com­po­ser Awards. These pres­ti­gious awards are pre­sen­ted by the Bri­tish Aca­demy of Song­wri­ters, Com­po­sers and Aut­hors (BASCA) in cele­bra­tion of con­tem­porary clas­si­cal and jazz com­po­si­tion.
Casken’s oboe con­certo Apollinaire’s Bird was com­mis­sio­ned by the Hallé for obo­ist Sté­phane Ran­court and pre­mie­red at Manchester’s Bridge­wa­ter Hall with Mark Elder and will be per­for­med again in April next year in Man­ches­ter and Not­ting­ham.
The Cleve­land Orches­tra com­mis­sio­ned Ryan Wigglesworth’s Études‑Tableaux, with gene­rous sup­port from the Jan R. and Daniel R. Lewis Young Com­po­sers Endow­ment Fund, pre­mie­ring the work in Janu­ary 2015. It has since recei­ved per­for­man­ces by the BBC Sym­phony, Bam­berg Sym­phony, BBC Scot­tish and City of Bir­ming­ham Sym­phony Orches­tras.

New orchestral portrait disc for Ryan Wigglesworth

16. Oktober 2015 D213cover_Wigglesworth
Today, NMC relea­ses a new CD of orches­tral works by Ryan Wiggles­worth, con­duc­ted by the com­po­ser with The Hallé Orches­tra. The disc also inclu­des his dra­ma­tic can­tata Echo and Nar­cis­sus, after which the album is named, per­for­med by tenor Mark Pad­more, mezzo-soprano Pamela Helen Ste­phen, female semi-cho­rus and Wiggles­worth on piano.
This is a first orches­tral por­trait album for Wiggles­worth, fea­turing his song cycle Augen­lie­der, with soprano Claire Booth, and his Vio­lin Con­certo, per­for­med by vio­li­nist Bar­n­abás Kele­man. Also pre­sent are A First Book of Inven­ti­ons for cham­ber orches­tra and Locke’s Thea­tre, com­mis­sio­ned by the BBC Sym­phony Orches­tra and Alde­burgh Fes­ti­val in cele­bra­tion of Britten’s cen­tenary.
Descri­bed by the Tele­graph as ‘one of the most talen­ted com­po­ser-con­duc­tors around’, Ryan Wiggles­worth is quickly esta­blis­hing a fan­ta­s­tic repu­ta­tion across the globe; this new release is tes­ta­ment to his musi­cal flair and inven­tion.

New CD of Steve Martland’s works

18. September 2015 NMCMartland2015
We are deligh­ted to announce the release of a new dou­ble disc of Steve Martland’s works, out today on NMC.
Martland’s music is known for its dis­tinc­tive mus­cu­la­rity and power, often ampli­fied and rhyth­mi­cally dri­ven, and this release cer­tainly demons­tra­tes this. Howe­ver, it also shows that he pro­du­ced music with a poi­gnant and intense beauty, as in Patrol for string quar­tet or his orches­tral work Cros­sing the Bor­der.
Once descri­bed as ‘one of the most vibrant, uncon­ven­tio­nal and dyna­mic forces in Bri­tish music’, Mart­land died unex­pec­tedly two years ago. This fan­ta­s­tic new dou­ble CD is a won­der­ful cele­bra­tion of his life and work.



The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant on CD

21. Juli 2015 Barry_BitterTearsCDcover_Discovery_
Dis­co­very Music and Vision have re-released a CD of Gerald Barry’s third opera The Bit­ter Tears of Petra von Kant recor­ded by RTÉ Natio­nal Sym­phony Orches­tra with con­duc­tor Ger­hard Mark­son. The ori­gi­nal release on RTÉ’s own label was recor­ded in May 2005.
Based on the play by Ger­man dra­ma­tist Rai­ner Wer­ner Fass­bin­der, the opera depicts events sur­roun­ding a destruc­tive and obses­sive love affair, told with Barry’s dis­tinc­tive extre­mism and energy. Recent pro­duc­tions have been made by Eng­lish Natio­nal Opera and by Thea­ter Basel.
Barry was recently announ­ced Com­po­ser-in-Resi­dence with RTÉ for a three year period begin­ning autumn 2015.

Alexander Goehr at Institute of Musical Research

2. Juli 2015 AlexanderGoehrlighterversion
On 6 July 2015, Alex­an­der Goehr will pre­sent a lec­ture at the Insti­tute of Musi­cal Rese­arch at Senate House in Lon­don. The talk, Giving the notes their names, rela­tes to Goehr’s recent work Vanis­hing Word about the ways in which lan­guage and mea­ning diverge over time, and how man and nature become fur­ther apart.
Vanis­hing Word for mezzo soprano, tenor and ensem­ble com­pri­ses set­tings of verse and frag­ments by poets inclu­ding Rilke and Bach­mann, inter­sper­sed with instru­men­tal pas­sa­ges. The work will be pre­mie­red in Janu­ary 2016.
Goehr cur­rently holds the posi­tion of Eme­ri­tus Pro­fes­sor of Music at the Uni­ver­sity of Cam­bridge where he was a pro­fes­sor for more than twenty years. He will also take part in a panel in Wig­more Hall’s omo­dernt Fes­ti­val this Sun­day 5 July.

Huw Watkins in residence at Peasmarsh Festival

25. Juni 2015 Huw Watkins, London, October 2014
Huw Wat­kins will be fea­tured as guest pia­nist and fea­tured com­po­ser at the Peas­marsh Fes­ti­val in East Sus­sex, opening on 25 June. His music will be cele­bra­ted across the fes­ti­val inclu­ding in a por­trait con­cert of his recent works for cello and piano on 28 June with fes­ti­val direc­tor Richard Les­ter.
Appearing in the opening con­cert is Wat­kins’ Piano Trio, a work ori­gi­nally com­mis­sio­ned by a Peas­marsh Fes­ti­val trus­tee and pre­mie­red by the Flo­res­tan Trio in 2009. This time the work will be per­for­med with Wat­kins him­s­elf at the piano. The Lon­don Mozart Play­ers will also per­form his Three Welsh Songs, with con­duc­tor Jaime Mar­tin.
Wat­kins was recently announ­ced as Com­po­ser-in-Asso­cia­tion with BBC Natio­nal Orches­tra of Wales and his cham­ber opera In the Locked Room will receive its Ger­man pre­miere by Staats­oper Ham­burg on 4 July with per­for­man­ces run­ning until 12 July.

Gunther Schuller (1925–2015)

22. Juni 2015 gunther_8535
Schott Music is very sad to learn that Ame­ri­can com­po­ser Gun­ther Schul­ler died on 21 June aged 89. Con­duc­tor, horn player, edi­tor, vir­tuoso orches­tra­tor, teacher and many things besi­des, Schul­ler has enjoyed a full career as musi­cal poly­math even before adding the role of self-taught com­po­ser who in 1957 devi­sed ‘third-stream’ music, fusing seria­lism and jazz impro­vi­sa­tion. Schott publis­hes a small num­ber of Schuller’s works inclu­ding the orches­tral pie­ces Con­tours (1955–58), Spec­tra (1956–58) and Con­trasts (1961), the Piano Con­certo (1962), and his later Wind Quin­tet (1984).
Photo: Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff



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