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27. Januar 2019

Honorary Membership of Walter Tilgner

On October 7, 2018 biologist and nature sound recordist Walter Tilgner received an honorary lifetime membership in the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE). As one of the keynote speakers in The Global Composition 2018 conference on sound, ecology, and media culture, Tilgner gave an impressive presentation titled, “Listen to Nature.”

Upon its conclusion,  WFAE President, Eric Leonardson presented the honor:

Dear Walter, On behalf of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology in recognition of your lifetime of achievement in nature sound recording, for the great contribution this makes in scientific research and public enjoyment both, we would like to honor you as an Honorary WFAE member. I hope you accept our offer and thanks and enjoy being a member of our global network.

Walter Tilgner on WERGO Natural Sound